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transform and emerge
as your best self!

do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • "Help! My post-50-year-old body has been hijacked!"

  • "I am terrified of what life will look like without my kids."

  • "College, here I come! But how will I manage all of the change?"

  • "Caring for my aging parents is overwhelming and paralyzing."

  • "I am on my own and I don't know how to cope."

  • "I have no time for myself, ever."

  • "I want to eat healthier but I don't know how to begin."

  • "I need to exercise and care for myself but I don't have the motivation."

Stressed Woman

you are not alone.

i can help you.

Hi, I'm Jen Leibowitz. I am a former Employment Attorney turned certified Health & Wellness Life Coach with a speciality in IMAGO communication and relationship-building.

When I say "I've been there," it's because I am also a 50-year-old mom to 2 teenagers, in menopause, a daughter to aging parents, a struggler with fitness and nutrition, a wife to a busy physician, a sufferer of illness, a caregiver to illness, and a human who has been pulled in 100 directions at the expense of my own well-being.


I know what it is to go through periods of transition, stress, paralysis and change.

When we work together, you will uncover obstacles from your past experiences, set goals and intentions, and develop wellness toolkits to allow you to move forward towards balance.


Helping people through times of uncertainty is the most gratifying work. With me, you will find equal parts friend & coach, you will be seen & heard, and you will be held accountable as you go along on your journey.

when you focus on communication, empathy & conflict, it is possible to make change.

My approach to building a successful and supportive coaching partnership with groups and individuals is to use a combination of open-inquiry techniques, client-centered listening behaviors, positive psychology strategies and IMAGO facilitation (a specialized style of communication centered around conflict). With an emphasis on empathy and listening deeply to concerns and needs, we will work towards letting go of the things that keep you stuck, we will develop mindful and tangible goals, and we will design your own map to navigate you through your forest of obstacles.

how we can work together

Image by Jason Goodman


Good for small businesses, private high schools, and employers looking to educate and provide health & wellness toolkits to their students and employees. 

Spending the Day Outside

Individual Coaching

Packages of one-on-one coaching sessions that will include a free, 45-minute consultation of discovery and getting to know one another.

Study Group

Small Groups

Think "support group + life coaching!" Perfect for groups of individuals looking to find community and tools to manage through similar transformational life stages and circumstances (e.g., phase of life, health, family).

sample workshop

Assembling Your College Wellness Toolkit

The curriculum for this workshop provides health and wellness support that will help facilitate a healthy transition from high school to college. It defines specific areas that create a foundation necessary for these students to manage the changes from being home to on their own. Those areas include hydration/nutrition, sleep/relaxation, stress management/mindfulness, exercise/movement, work/study, relationships and environment. By addressing each off these areas, the students can individually prepare how to approach each with success. This proactive approach can help combat the health issues that college age students face and give them an opportunity to come to college with intention and preparation.
High School Wellness Workshop
“When life's hurdles seemingly became so many, and when each time I would crash into them, instead of jumping high over them (as was typically my nature), I knew it was time to focus and get my life back in order. As fate would have it, this is when I met Jennifer, my Life Coach. Jennifer has been a guiding light for me as we work together to unravel the knots and weave a refreshing new pattern for my life. She has helped me gain back my ability to see, crystal clear, my own potential, across all facets of my life and has reinvigorated my inner passion for creativity and for life itself."

Joanne Healey, Director of Marketing

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